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How to Bring Interested Families Into Your School

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Here are six of the most effective strategies for creating a digital presence that will bring interested families into your school.

A family at one of our partner schools, Academy 360 in Northeast Denver

Your school has a unique vision and mission. You believe in what you are doing for students and families. The work of education is arduous. Without a commitment to the outcomes you are creating for students and families, it wouldn't be possible.

But you are trying to communicate this vision in a digital space that is filled with countless services and products. You're trying to bring students into your school, while also trying to run the school. You are spending time, energy and money without knowing if you're reaching the right audience. How do you tell the story of the incredible work that you're doing for your community in a way that draws families in?

Over the course of our years helping schools with their enrollment, we've found many digital strategies that are highly successful in telling your story, saving time & energy and in bringing families in the door.

Here are the five techniques we've found most effective for school digital enrollment programs, ranked in order of efficacy:

1 Run Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead generation ads connect with community and reach prospective families

  • Use Facebook ads to build a large audience with targeted demographics

  • Target based on zip code, children's age, language preferences etc.

  • Create strong, creative copy that highlights benefits of your school

  • Emphasize urgency of enrollment deadlines


2 Text Parents with Peer-to-Peer Messaging

P2P software used effectively to connect with interested families and share information

  • Obtain a list of guardians from your school district or a private data provider

  • Use software such as GetThru, TextRequest etc. to text guardians directly

  • Follow up quickly to gather additional contact info

  • Send retargeting messages to families with new information


3 Optimize Your Website

Website clearly features enrollment directions and general information using high-quality graphics

  • Use SEO tools to place your website at the forefront of schools in your area

  • Write content with relevant keywords and high-performing topics

  • Prominently feature forms on every page for families to contact you

  • Use consistent colors, high-quality photos and concise information


4 Streamline Your Enrollment Process

ScholarLead enrollment software allows organization of family data within stages of enrollment

  • Maintain an organized database of contacts

  • Move students and families through stages (i.e. interested, waitlist, enrolled)

  • Clearly assign tasks to team members for quick follow-up

Note: ScholarLead is a streamlined parent relationship management system designed for and with schools. Click here to schedule a demo with us.


5 Create a "Hero Video"

Houston Classical's hero video effectively communicates their mission using engaging and high-quality graphics

  • Invest in a strong video that explains the mission & vision of your school

  • Feature your staff, students, families and school community

  • Use social media to publicize your video and differentiate yourself from others

  • Learn skills to enhance your digital presence

  • Develop materials your enrollment team can use going forward

  • Get help from ScholarLead experts


Gabriella Visani | Director of School Success

Gabriella Visani is the Director of School Success at Visani was a member of the Teach for America Corps and a teacher in Denver Public Schools for four years. Originally brought on as part of the team in 2021 through the Urban Leaders Fellowship, she designed the digital launch course and now serves as support lead for schools using ScholarLead.

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