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A Four-Step Guide to Enrolling Families

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Families are interested in your school and want to find out more. How do you start a relationship with them in a way that is easy, efficient and engaging?

As you start to build your digital presence, one step in the process is absolutely critical. Let's say a father of three has successfully navigated to your website and is excited about your curriculum options, your extracurricular activities and your teachers' enthusiasm.

Now what? This step in the process is where schools often miss an opportunity to engage with excited parents.

Here are our recommendations on how to capture that interest, collect information and begin to build a long-lasting relationship.


1 Feature a button designed to collect information

  • Display a "Find out more" or "Learn More" button prominently on your website.

  • The button should be easy to find and easy to read.

  • When a user clicks the button, it should send them directly to the interest form.


2 Create a concise intake form

  • Your interest form should collect only essential information.

    • Guardian First & Last Name

    • Phone number

    • Guardian Email

  • The purpose of an interest form is only to gather contact info.


3 Track data collection in a central location

  • All information collected on your site should go to the same data intake location.

  • Use, Google Sheets or another relationship management platform to track leads.

  • Ensure all enrollment team members have access to parent information.


4 Follow up quickly and often.

  • Reach out to parents who have expressed interest quickly.

  • Track communication in order to individualize the process.

  • Bring parents to in-person events, tours etc.


We’ve created a Digital Launch Course with more information just like this.


Gabriella Visani | Director of School Success

Gabriella Visani is the Director of School Success at Visani was a member of the 2018 Teach for America Corps and a teacher in Denver Public Schools for four years. Originally brought on as part of the team in 2021 through the Urban Leaders Fellowship, she designed the Digital Launch Course and now serves as the support for schools using the ScholarLead services.

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