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Our Vision

To provide schools with the technology they need to build a community, prepare scholars to pursue their dreams, and ultimately, change the outcomes of students' lives for the betterment of the world.

The ScholarLead Story






Uriel Berrum joined Nick Brown, a former teacher, to cofound, a mission driven digital marketing agency to help impactful organizations use digital media to positively transform their communities.

They created Effct Education when Uriel’s mentor and founder of University Preparatory Schools, David Singer, approached with an existential problem. Declining enrollment rates and the pending pandemic were posing real threats to the sustainability of his school. 

In the following years the team at began working with U Prep and 11 other schools across the country to help them face their most important challenge - enrollment. The results were outstanding: more than 1 million families reached, over 4,500 parent qualified leads generated, and hundreds of new students enrolled as a result of our digital efforts.

In 2021, was born out of the digital enrollment efforts of Effct Education. After several enrollment seasons driving thousands of parent qualified leads to school’s enrollment pipelines, we learned that there was no streamlined solution to bring enrollment into the modern world.

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So we launched the ScholarLead web application in June 2022.

Young child smiling in the classroom, excited for a day at school

We are educators, designers, advocates committed to improving educational outcomes through technology.

Our Leadership Team

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I'm a social entrepreneur who aims to make the world a better place through technology.


I serve as the CEO & Co-founder of Throughout my life, I have always aimed higher; choosing to elevate the status quo. In working with schools around the country to boost their enrollment, I realized that many schools used outdated methods, such as pen and paper methods, to manage their enrollment process. Following this realization, Nick Brown and I went on to co-found in 2022, a new parent-relationship management web app that helps schools simplify their enrollment management.

Co-Founder & CEO

Uriel Berrum

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Nick Brown

My goal is to help outstanding schools enroll more students to improve educational outcomes in our country.

I'm the Co-founder of and Prior to social entrepreneurship, I was a Fulbright Scholar, teaching business English at a university in Bogotá, Colombia. Before that I taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade in the Mississippi Delta with Teach For America.

Co-Founder & President

Nick Brown

Nick work experience.jpg

As the Director for School Success at ScholarLead, I work with our client schools to guarantee that our parent-relationship management platform is benefitting their enrollment process and that they are supported throughout the recruitment season.


Before joining the ScholarLead team, I was a teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep, where I taught fourth and fifth grade, and was a Teach for America Corps Member. Before that, I attended the University of Southern California and Colorado State University.

Director of School Success

Gabriella Visani

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Product Manager

Emma McElroy

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UI/UX Lead

Ian Coroi


Software Development Partner

Creators of the My Colorado App

Our Network of Schools

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