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Grow your school's enrollment

ScholarLead transforms the way you attract families and secure student enrollments, growing your school to new heights.

Bring joy back

Enrollment doesn't have to be stressful. ScholarLead helps you increase and simplify your enrollment, so you can focus on what you got into education for -- students.


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Fill Your School

Our easy-to-use software and digital marketing techniques mean no more empty seats.

Save Time

Find and manage potential families information all in one place.

Get Your Energy Back

Prevent burnout through streamlined operations that help you set, track and achieve your goals.

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Build a Scholar Community

ScholarLead solves the most existential problem schools face: enrollment.

The sleek application, accompanied by our tried and true digital marketing techniques, simplifies the process and saves you time and money so you can focus on educating our next generation of scholars.

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ScholarLead's growing network of school partners

"I highly recommend ScholarLead for its easy use and for the way it helps us stay on track. It has been a game changer for my team."

Thelma Behnke 

Director of Student Recruitment and Enrollment 

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How we helped University Prep hit their 700-student goal four years in a row and open a new campus.

ScholarLead partnered with University Prep, a Denver-based charter network, to modernize its enrollment strategy and increase enrollment. Over four years, this collaboration resulted in:

  • Hitting University Prep's 700 student goal

  • Opening a second campus 

  • Gaining 41 enrolled students in 2023.

  • Generating 1,174 leads in 2023.

How ScholarLead Helped

ScholarLead helped attract parent leads and move them through the enrollment pipeline, achieving the 700 + student goal. This is because ScholarLead helps: 

  • Connect educators with families.

  • Manage and delegate tasks to enrollment teams.

  • Track performance

How we helped The Legacy School open its doors with its first 50 students

The Legacy School, a new high school located in Cleveland, OH, partnered with ScholarLead to ensure its August 2023 opening and surpass its enrollment goal by welcoming 50 new students.

How ScholarLead Helped

Not only did our partnership result in the enrollment of 50 students it also:

  • Connecting with 94 interested parents.

  • SMS texting delivering 65 parent leads from nearby districts and neighborhoods.

Overall, the campaign reached over 14,000 parents, for The Legacy School, firmly establishing its presence within the community.

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"ScholarLead has been very supportive in helping ensure that we're able to get our marketing campaigns up and running, and just really supportive around the whole process"

Shawn Crosby

Head of School and Founder

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Venture Funded by:

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In the News

Turning an entrepreneur's dream into reality, Nick Brown, a former Master of Business Administration (MBA) student at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), secured a six-figure investment on his first attempt.

As a CU alumnus, Brown credits his successful company to:

  • Building a great team

  • Having great experience


Alongside Co-Founder Uriel Berrum, they participated in the Capital Plus Dolphin Tank Venture Competition in Stanford, California, and successfully secured a $100,000 equity commitment for ScholarLead. 

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ScholarLead addresses the critical issue of school enrollment, aiming to modernize education since 2019. In collaboration with AppIt, the ScholarLead team developed a web application to simplify the enrollment process for educators, administrators, and students.


The app, launched in June 2022,  and helps schools:

  • Streamline enrollment

  • Drives thousands of parent qualified leads to schools' pipelines


This resulted in doubling enrollment for schools over the year. Founders Uriel Berrum and Nick Brown recently secured a six-figure investment at the Capital Plus Dolphin Tank Venture Competition.

Uriel Berrum, a BA '15 graduate, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition. Co-founder of, Berrum, along with co-founder Nick Brown, secured a $100,000 equity commitment at their first-ever pitch competition in Stanford, California. 

As a first-generation American and DU alumnus, Berrum emphasizes the importance of:

  • Dreaming big

  • Leveraging the opportunities provided by the university


Paying it forward, he envisions providing internship, mentorship, and job opportunities to current DU students as both and

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Protecting your data

How we protect information about students, guardians and schools in compliance with COPPA 

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