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How we generated 281 parent leads in six months

By the numbers:

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Before ScholarLead

​Vega Collegiate academy is a K-8 public charter school located in Aurora, Colorado, that prepares students for a college education and a life of opportunity. Before working with ScholarLead, Vega had little to no digital presence and was looking for ways to increase enrollment in the wake of a global pandemic.


Kathryn Mullins, Founder and Executive Director of Vega.

"With ScholarLead’s digital media expertise, we were able to get nearly double the number of leads we had originally set out to generate. ScholarLeads’s ads were seen nearly a million times over the course of the six month campaign. Their tactics and design expertise helped us get in front of over 100,000 parents, and we ended up with 281 potential households to follow up with."

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After partnering with ScholarLead

ScholarLead set out with a goal of generating 152 qualified parent leads via: 

  • Texting 

  • Facebook ads 

  • Google 

  • YouTube 


From March to September 2021, ScholarLead was able to generate 281 leads (well above the projected goal), along with 909,484 impressions and a reach of 119,649. In addition, ScholarLead assisted Vega with brand design and video creation.

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