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How we helped Houston Classical double enrollment after year after year by using targeted digital media

By the numbers 2023:

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Before ScholarLead


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“Working with greatly enhanced our enrollment capabilities as we went from an upstart school to an established Charter School. With the digital infrastructure Effct built for us, we can keep track of all of our interested parents and make sure that we help them get their children enrolled at Houston Classical. We’ve been able to nearly double our enrollment from last year, and we can do it all in a cost-effective manner.”

Deyvis Salazar, Founder of Houston Classical

In 2019, Deyvis Salazar, Founder of Houston Classical Charter School with the goal to establish a K-8 charter school in Houston. The traditional enrollment process was disrupted by COVID-19, hindering outreach to parents and scholars. Facing an uncertain future without effective recruitment, Houston Classical sought's partnership in their first year to modernize and boost enrollment, ensuring more children access their quality education.

After partnering with ScholarLead

ScholarLead significantly boosted Houston Classical's enrollment, creating a waitlist. Our initial campaign utilized Facebook and Google Ads, texting, and website forms for parent leads. After their first campaign with us, Houston Classical doubled their enrollment. We produced original content, including the school's first flagship video. 


ScholarLead improved communication and enrollment processes, partnering for two more seasons. In the second year, we generated:


  • 1,402 parent leads (74% increase).

  • Reached more families and increased impressions by 50% and 45%, respectively. 

  • The third year saw even better performance: 1,632 parent leads, a 30% reduction in investment per lead, and a 30% increase in overall impressions.

By the numbers 2021:

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By the numbers 2022:

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